fredag den 27. juli 2012

Um kradding og ójavna

Joseph Stiglitz vísir aftur, at einans marknaðarkreftir eru orsøk til stóra ójavnan:
America's inequality does not come solely from market forces; those are at play in all advanced countries. Rather, much of the growth of income and wealth at the top in recent decades has come from what economists call rent-seeking — activities directed more at increasing the share of the pie they get rather than increasing the size of the pie itself.

Rent seeking - sambært wikipedia:
In economics, rent-seeking is an attempt to obtain economic rent (t.d. tilfeingisrentu) by manipulating the social or political environment in which economic activities occur, rather than by creating new wealth.

Hetta minnir sera nógv um vanligan fólkaflokspolitikk.

onsdag den 4. juli 2012

Felags gjaldoyra kostar Spania dýrt

Martin Wolf, búskaparviðmerkjari, í áhugaverdari grein í Financial Times:
In my view, Spain made only one big mistake: joining the euro. Without that, it would probably now look more like the UK: yes, the economy would be in serious trouble, but its exchange rate and its long-term interest rates would both be far lower. After all, its fiscal position is even now no worse than the UK’s

Pengapolitikkurin í euro-økinum skapar trupulleikar fyri summi eurolond. Og tá er euro-limaskapur ein forðan fyri loysnum.